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Company profile

Shanghai Wise Trend Paper Technology Co., Ltd. is a new paper technology company specializing in the research and development of papermaking technology ,manufacturing of papermaking equipments. We apply new standards and concepts to our design, manufacturing and quality control to produce industry-leading technology products.

Leading technology is a major feature of Shanghai Wise trend Paper Technology Co., Ltd. For the non-standardization of papermaking equipments, we are able to provide one-to-one retrofit design for paper production customers. Break the high monopoly is our target. At present, we have provided technical services for many paper mills in china and abroad, providing reliable design and high quality products, saving maintenance costs for paper mills.

Shanghai Wise trend Paper Technology Co., Ltd. has a group of senior engineers who are deeply involved in the

design of papermaking machinery, senior engineers in commissioning and automation, as well as welding,

machine and senior mechanics. The professional technical team guarantees the high reliability of our products.

The main business of our company is the technical rebuilt of high-speed paper machine, the manufacturing of

square part and rotation part.

Our aim is to bring real benefits to the paper mill with our wisdom.